‘Waaa. Talk about ODD. I was checking out the Georgia Fotolog pages, and I ran across on named V+. Interesting, so I go check it out. It just so happens to be a guy that looks somewhat familiar to me, It takes me a bit, but I finally recognize him as Vaughn Sterling, my old high school crush. Yikes! I’ve been forced to face my scary puppy dog phase of being in high school. So, just as a curiosity, I go check out his blog. He has his AIM name on the page, so I IM him, just for shits and giggles. I swear, it was oddness. He remembers me a little though. I’m sure I didn’t make much of an impression on him past the ‘cock and balls’ story. I know I’ve told some of you this fun story, but I’ll tell it here for those of you that don’t. Please keep in mind that Vaughn was my crush. He looked hot and I was a dork… 🙂
This was back when I was still in the drama-techie phase of high school. I worked on the set of ‘Tom Jones’, painting. I did this mainly because a friend of mine got me into it, but also because I could watch Vaughn and not be so stalky about it. (Christ, I was lame..) So, part of the set painting called for making spots of dark purple on a lighter purple door, and I was doing this with cotton balls. Sitting there, I hear someone come up behind me. Thinking it was Nick (my techie friend) I said Hey. You wanna help me out with this real quick?” The voice replies “Yeah, sure.” This would have been fine if it had been Nick. Too bad it was Vaughn instead. I turned in shock and gaped at him like a damn fish. Then, like a genius, I said “Want some cock-and-balls?” That’s right. COTTON BALLS was somehow turned into COCK and balls. ::sigh:: I turned beet red and ran away. I’m sure everyone laughed at me something horrible.
He was best friends with Brandon Butler, who I ALSO had a damn crush on. ::rolls eyes:: Arg! I was a dip. Anyway, he was in my AP art class. I recall attempting to talk with him, but I was too much of a dork. I stammered at him and he was polite enough, but it was obvious to me that he just wasn’t interested, so I stopped flinging myself at him. His art was gorgeous though, and I was quite adoring of his talent. Anyway, can you believe the oddness? Wow.