Well, I’ve been holding this list for a while, in hopes of adding more to it, but It seems that the uber-creative guy who’s been spamming my hotmail account has finally stopped. These are all of the spam mail subject lines I got from one person:

Pound Her Peach With Your King Sized Cock
Get Her Amazed When She Sees Your Huge Immense Cock Size
Shatter Her Meat Tunnel With Your Huge Husky Third Leg
She’ll Beg You To Stop After She Gets A Piece Of Your Monster Tool
Pound Her Cunt With Your Enormous Johnson
Choke Her With Your Brimming Sized Knob
She’ll Beg For You To Stop After You Show Her Your New Joystick
Take Your New 7+ Inch Tool And Make Her Choke
Have Her Begging For More With Your New Monster Prick
Rip Her Twat Apart With Your Walloping Sized Meat Wrench
Increase The Size Of Your Tool Without Dangerous Surgery
Get Her Excited With Your Massive Size Rod
See How Amazed She Gets After She Sees Your New Dip Stick
Make Her Suffocate On Your Fat Johnson
Break Walls Apart With Your Humungous Knob
Quickly Add Inches To Your Wood Without Pills Or Pumps
She Will Beg For More After She Gets A Piece Of Your New Sex Pistol
Gag Her With Your Voluminous Cock Size
Make Her Swallow While She’s On Top Of Your Tree Stump
Impress Your Girl With Your New Massive Package
Smack Her Snatch With Your Mammoth Johnson
Break Walls Apart With Your Humungous Knob
Reach Her Clit By Shoving Your Dip Stick Down Her Throat
Smash Walls To Pieces With Your New Monster Member
People will mistake it for a baseball bat
Tear Buildings Down With Your Heavyweight Humungous Walloping Knob
Make Her Bleed After You Smack Her Cockpit With Your Humungous Wood
Keep It Going For Days With Your Thundering Rod

I thought you’d find these entertaining. I know I did!