Well, the Sexy July Halloween wasn’t a flop, as Atari had feared. I think there were about 50 people there through the night. Some costumes were great, others had been done very last minute. Everyone I know of had a great time though. There was a plethora of pirates, which surprised me. There’s never been and overriding theme to any of the costume at these parties before. I had a great time, but since I didn’t drink (been having tummy problems all week), I have no interesting ‘I was drunk and…’ stories to tell. I do hope this party becomes a tradition, because I have many more warm-weather costumes I want to make. This wasn’t much different than the normal Halloween party except that I wasn’t freezing the whole time. I did get a LOT of compliments on my costume though. Seems everyone really liked it. Everyone was more surprised that I’d made this whole thing myself with just fabric glue. One day I’ll learn to sew. John’s costume was hit too, but he ditched the geta halfway through the party. Seems (surprise!) that they’re really hard to walk in. All in all, I was very glad to see everyone again, and I even met some new people! You can see the entire party costume gallery here.

Also, I just finished another drawing. This one was mostly for practice of hair and clothing folds, so I drew a girl (of course) in a petticoated dress with long, flowing hair. Her hair is red, surprise. 🙂 I think she turned out rather well, and since she was done in OpenCanvas, there’s a movie of her being drawn as well. Anyone that hasn’t gotten OpenCanvas yet should! They creators have made it so it installs itself from an exe file, so there’s no more messing with the massive zip files. I just adore this program, especially now that I know mostly how to use it. It’s just so cool watching the picture draw itself on screen!