Well, just to let everyone know who isn’t checking every hour like me, Meggie’s page is changed to her Scotland theme and is now being UPDATED! Yay! Go see what my loveable sister is up to in her fun Scottish life. 🙂
In other news, the Sexy Halloween Party is tomorrow!! AAaaahhhhh! ::runs around like an idiot:: My Alice costume is almost done. Everything is complete but the blue ribbon in the back. Right now the white apron ties in the back, but the ties are short. So I am adding blue ribbon to the ends of the apron ties to make a blue bow and much longer ties that trail down the back of the dress. I’m very excited. John is going as Samurai Jack. I had the hardest time trying to find shoes for him while he was gone. I finally just got some of the huge chunky shoes that girls wear now and cut them in the shape of traditional geta (geta are the wooden shoes that have two togs on the bottom to walk on).
Also, my birthday is in 15 days! Wahoo for being 24! I’ve posted my wishlist again, for those of you that want to help support my material habits. Mostly I need money. Really. I have to get Maisie spayed, pay bills, pay back other people, etc. I need the cash instead of the other things. Also, that wishlist is not in order. I’d rather have a sewing machine than a metal detector (but since both are ~$400, I’m not counting on either!).