Well, my Alice costume is nearing completion. I need to buy some more of the garter ribbon to use on my skirt, dress of the top of it a bit more and I’ll be done. 🙂 I think I need to make the skirt just a bit shorter so it shows off the cute stockings more. Since these photos, there’s a little bow and flower on the front of the neck garter, some of the garter lace on the shirt, and two blue ribbons hanging from the bows in the back of the stockings. Just to call attention to them a bit more. In the gallery with all of the Alice photos there are a few more new pictures as well as a close-up of the arm bands. I’m quite proud of those. They took forever. I still have to bleach the crap out of the little apron, then add some darker blue ribbons to the apron ties. I want them to hang low, maybe just a little past the edge of the skirt. Very anime. I keep getting the feeling that I’m too tall to do this correctly. Alice was short, anime chicks are short, etc. I think that if I were shorter that it may look better. Oh well.

In other news, there’s a tree down in my yard. Well, more like my apartment’s yard. John and I came back last night and tried to park, but there was a tree in the way! I waited until this morning to get photos of it. Just looks like it went bad and couldn’t support itself anymore. I also cleaned out my freezer a few days ago. My freezer is one of those kind that is just metal on the inside, so it gets all frozen. I have about a inch thick or more of ice on the walls, so I shaved it all off with a spatula. I got a ton of shaved ice out of the deal, so I made myself a daiquiri out of the mixer Meggie left me. Unfortunately, I got confused as to what you’re supposed to put in a daiquiri and used vodka instead of rum. I had the biggest daiquiri you’ve ever seen, but it was really nasty.