I have issues with wasps. By ‘issues’, I mean that I am scared to wetting myself of them. Bees are tolerable and scare me a little, but wasps just scare me to bits. I run away in a panic, my heart beating so fast it makes me see spots. Usually when one manages to get into the house, John kills it while I hide in the bathroom. Today, however, he’s at school. It was such a nice day out (slightly overcast so it’s not boiling outside yet) that I left the door open so Stumpy could get out. I didn’t pull the screen door closed because it was a bit rainy (thus, no wasps out). I went to eat breakfast and forgot all about it until I heard a very loud BUZZZZZ coming from somewhere quite close to me. My heart in my throat, I looked around. Lo and behold, there’s a wasp checking out the trash bag (they’re attracted to dark colors), less than 10 feet away. I leapt up, knocked over my diet coke, and ran out the front door. My wasp spray was in the other room, so I ran all the way around the apartment and back into the back door for it. But it had disappeared. Where was it? I panicked and ran around the house again, finding the damn thing in the kitchen. I couldn’t reach it except through the ‘nook’ hole in the wall on the other side, so I ran around the house and in the back door yet again. I’m sure my neighbors loved this. John would have been laughing his ass off. I sprayed the hell out of that wasp (and the toaster, fridge, counters and floor), and it finally died. Whew. I waited until it was even more dead before taking a picture from far away.