This morning, I woke up in a semi panicked frame of mind. Why? because I couldn’t move. Lemme explain: I was dreaming early this morning. Asleep and dreaming about flies. We’ve had a lot of flies in the store (we have a Chinese place next door), and I’ve taken it as a personal goal to kill every fly that come in here. So, here I was, sleeping and I dreamed that I was at work and there were tons of flies all over the store. It was humming with all the wings buzzing, and the flies were all centered around a huge bowl of soup in the back of the store. I go back and peek into to bowl from afar, and there a ton of flies all in it. All of these flies are as big as my thumb and bumblebee fat. It was so gross. So I kinda scared myself awake because I was afraid that the flies were going to get me and crawl into my ears. Well, my eyes were open, but I couldn’t move at all. I wanted to turn my head, but it was like someone was holding it down. It’s a really scary feeling. This is the second time this has happened to me, the first being in college. I watched on Discovery that this happens because your body produces a hormone or serum that paralyzes you so you don’t get up and act out your dreams. Sometimes the body wakes so suddenly that the paralyzation stuff isn’t counteracted fast enough. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, because it sure does paralyze your whole body. Though, I think that sometimes it doesn’t work for me, because I’ve chucked myself out of my bed often enough during a dream that I must have been moving. That makes me wonder if I ever act out my dreams but manage to stay in the damn bed. Who knows, right? Anyone else ever wake up unable to move?