Well, last night was the first night in a week that I didn’t wake myself up by rolling over on my ‘bites from hell’ or my pox. Uhg. I can sure understand why dark ages people thought that a pox was a plague or that God was angry with you. Anyway, I’m getting better. Thanks to all of you for your kind words in my time of pain. I still hurt, but it gets better everyday. This isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy. Ever been burned badly? I don’t mean sunburn, but a stick-your-hand-on-the-stovetop type burn? You know how the pain just lances through you, as if it’s trying to remind you that you have nerve damage? That insistent every 5 minutes shooting pain that says ‘Hey, I’m here!’? Yeah. It feels like that. Suck.

Well, on the upside, TaryAnn is in the States and is coming up here this afternoon to visit Megan and I! Wheee!!! We get to be all girly! Megan wanted to go out downtown, but I hope that doesn’t happen, personally. I hate downtown. When Meggie and I go out, she always wants to go in bars (because really, that’s all there is downtown). The bars are all the same to me: overcrowded, overloud, oversweaty, overstinky.. etc. I hate having to yell over the damn music the whole time we’re there, packed in with everyone else in Athens like sardines. That, and she likes to dance. I like dancing too, except that I tend to fall down a lot, so I avoid doing it with other people because I tend to take them out when I go down. No one likes being knocked over every 10 minutes. So, hopefully, there will be something else for us to do. I want to visit with someone I haven’t seen in a year, not yell at her over loud music and knock her over.