Well, I’m sorry for being away for so long, but I’ve been in a lot of pain. I woke up on Tuesday morning with what looked like bug bites from Hell. It was this rash of little bumps, slightly painful to the touch, just under my right arm. It hurt enough that I didn’t want to wear a bra that day unprotected, so I put in some band-aids and though nothing more of it.
On Wednesday (after a night of trying to sleep on that side and waking up because of the pain), I take off the Band-aids to get in the shower and discover that the bumps are now blisters, and that touching them makes me want to cry. Reconsidering the shower for the moment, I put on a loose shirt that I can wear without a bra and head to work. Getting back, I check on the bites and discover that the red area has spread to about 2 inches outside of the bite marks, and that the blisters have gotten larger. That night, I keep rolling over and waking myself up again.
On Thursday, I wake to discover that the blisters are disgustingly huge and that putting on my shirt is sheer agony. I accidentally pop four of the blisters while getting my shirt on, and it produces absolute mind searing pain for about 10 minutes. It’s like getting stabbed with needles. Kind-of panicked now, I call my mom to see if maybe she knows what bug bite may cause painful blisters like this, but she doesn’t know. I get very little sleep that night, as even the slightest pull of the skin hurts.
Friday I wake, pull on a shirt through my tears and go to work. Brian arrives and I go home to lie down with some ice on the blisters. They hurt a lot.
Saturday, Megan and I have to drive up to NC to see my mom. It’s raining the whole time up, and I hate driving in the rain. Mom takes a look at my bug bites, but she doesn’t know what they are. Every 5 minutes I get this searing stabbing pain that goes through my side, and Megan and Mom look at me funny all day. Sleep on the couch, waking up a lot because the t-shirt hurts.
Sunday, still hurts, drive back down in the heat which hurts more. Didn’t sleep much that night either. The blisters have not spread, but are still red and nasty, and all of the skin on my right side is sore and sensitive.
Monday, I struggle into another braless shirt for work. I’m telling a regular customer about my bites from hell when she looks at me kinda funny and says “A rash of small blisters?”, to which I say “Yeah…” She says next “Excruciatingly painful?” to which I reply “God yes.” and the she says “The skin all on that side is sensitive and painful too, even where there are no blisters?” and I say “Oh yes.”. She says “Shingles. You’re young for it, but it can happen. Check it out online.” So I did. It seems to be just what I have. Even the nasty medical photos look like what I have. Guess I’m lucky that it didn’t get it this badly.
So, today I went to the doctor, and he says it’s Shingles for sure. There’s no cure or treatment for it, so I’m stuck with it until it goes away. Grrr.. Fun weekend.