Well, this week has been annoying at best. First, of course, I had to return to work. Upon returning to work, I discovered that all of the things I’d left to get done by either Brian or Steve didn’t get done. None of them. This is mostly due to Steve’s lack of any real ability to remember anything from day to day. he just forgets who’s called or what he tells people or what has to get done. I can’t tell if it’s just idiodicy or if he really can’t remember these things. Going back to work also made me have to take a really hard look at my timesheet and back account. I over-spent on vacation and I’ll be real lucky to make rent this time. ::sigh::

Mrs. Aileen called me on Thursday and asked if I’d drive her brother into Atlanta Friday afternoon for $100. Being totally desperate for money, I agreed. It really sucked. I know why I don’t rive in Atlanta, and it’s because I’m scared. Scared to make the fast car-jerk-into-another-lane movements that will get me where I need to go if i survive it. The upside to that day was that I got to visit a ‘plain vanilla pee lab’, where they do drug testing. It was really cool, like I watch on FBI files. They had the robotic machines that did the diluted pipette tests, then more that did spectrum analysis. I really enjoyed my tour. Because I watch FBI files on discovery, I was able to ask some intelligent questions about how the machines work and what they test for.

Yesterday, John’s truck got broken into overnight. I think I was more pissed of than he was, which is probably the first (and only) time for that. The stupid kids got away with a plastic faceplate, some CD’s and some glass. We called the police and reported it, for all the good it did him. Still no window or music. I can’t tell you how un-safe that makes me feel though. I worry that someone will break into my car or worse, and take something I really wanted to keep. It’s a very nasty invasion of privacy, and it makes me wonder about where I chose to live.

On a brighter note, I put up all the photos from the trip yesterday! There’s Disney, Sea World, and the rest of Florida. Disney and Sea World are self-explanatory, and the rest of Florida is full of beaches, mini golf, and grandparents. I look pretty hot in the mini golf set, but that’s probably because it was 90 degrees outside. 🙂