Narg. I hate hormones! This whole week has been craptastic (yeah, you like that word? I thought I made it up, but I was wrong.). I’ve been on my damn period, and so I’ve been moody and over-reactive all week. All this week I’ve either wanted to kill someone with my bare hands or just simply burst into tears. It’s been awful! I almost want to go cry about how crappy this week has been. On top of that, I forgot to pay my damn power bill, so my power got turned off yesterday. ::sigh:: I came home to a very silent house (I usually leave my computer running) and went “SHIT!” and cried. 🙁 Yeah, it’s been like that all week for me. Craptastic! I’ve got so much I need to do, and it’s just backing up on me. I have to finish calling people about my trip to FL in less than two weeks. I’ll have to see if I can’t borrow a laptop from John’s dad so I can blog while we’re away.

The schedule for the trip is:

May 12: Leave Ga, Drive to Jacksonville. Stay the night in a hotel somewhere.
May 13: Go spend time with my mom’s dad and his wife, then go hunt shells on Jacksonville Beach and putt around town some more. Stay in same hotel.
May 14: Leave Jacksonville, drive to Orlando/Kissimmee to see dad’s dad and sister, Wilma.
May 15: Wilma gets us into Disney world for free because she works there. Spend day at DW. Stay night in Orlando hotel.
May 16: Spend another Free day at DW. Get sunburned to all hell. Maybe go to Gator World. Stay in same hotel.
May 17: Day at Sea World! I’m SO excited about this. Spend night in same hotel.
May 18: Leave Orlando and drive back to Jacksonville to putt around some more. Spend night at same hotel in Jacksonville.
May 19: Leave Jacksonville and drive back to GA. Spend night in own bed!
May 20: REST for the day!

I hope to have some sort of net connection while we’re in the hotels, so I can blog about all kinds of stuff, but I doubt we’ll be so lucky. I also have TONS of photos when I get back. I plan on taking up the whole damn memory card. I would get another one, but I have NO $$. ::sigh::

Money problems continue to plague me. With Maisie here now, I have to scrounge up the cash to get her spayed. She’s hitting puberty right NOW, and she’ll start spraying my walls any day now. Ick. Problem is that rabbits are hard to operate on because of the low drug tolerance. It’s quite easy to kill a rabbit with too much sleepy-meds. Spays are more $ than a ‘tooter’ as well, so I’m looking at about $200 or so. Narg. But, it’ll be worth it if I can find the damn money somewhere.