I’m delighted to say that I’ve felt my very first earthquake and… (bum bum bum) I went right back to sleep. 🙂 At about 5 am this morning, I woke up to feel a shaking. My lamp was banging against my wall, and my wind chimes were swaying and tinkling above me. I was rocking up and down in my bed for a long while. I laid there trying to figure out what was going on, and all I could come up with was either a really huge truck outside with no noise, or an earthquake. It stopped, and I went back to sleep. I got on this site this morning to find out if it was indeed, and they gave me this: 8 miles ENE of Fort Payne, Alabama APR 29 2003 03:59:37 CDT. So, at 4am central time (5am eastern time!) there really was a quake that could be felt here! Wow! I’ll bet everyone I know slept through it and I have no one to swap stories with.