8952Well, I have a new addition everyone. I also have a theory. My new addition is Maisie (may-zee), and my theory is that garbage spontaneously generates rabbits. Quigley happened when I was taking out my trash, and this sweet girl happened when I stopped off at a dumpster to play with cats. Well, I thought it was a cat. I had gotten off of work early on Thursday and I was feeling good, so I saw a cat at stopped the car to pet on it for a while (if it’d let me) (you ALL know how much I adore cats). As I neared the dumpster, I realized that the cat was in a cage. As I neared the cat, I notified that the cat was really a rabbit in a cage, overheating in the hot sun. Outraged, I grabbed her, cage and all, and shoved her into the passenger seat of my car. I rolled down all of my windows and sped towards home, hoping to cool her down some. I snatched her out of the car and ran up my stairs, filled her water bottle and turned the fan on her.
Poor thing. There she sat for the better part of an hour, panting and too scared to do anything but stare at me. She eventually peed on the flooring of the cage, so I had to reach in and put some bedding in. She woke up a bit, but she woke up a LOT when I put some hay in. Hay is a staple of a rabbit’s diet, and for her to be eating was a good sign. I spent yesterday and today taking pictures and trying to keep her and Quigley separated. I borrowed a crate from Petropolis and put some shelves in it, and put the whole thing next to Quigley’s cage. He’s intrigued, but she keeps boxing with him, and he’s scared of her. I’m letting them out in tandem now, so the only get to see each other through the cage bars for now. Later I will let then together, once she seems a bit less apt to hit him. Go to the Bunny Album to see more of both Quigley and Maisie.