So, last night was the ever-huge Psi Upsilon party, Heaven and Hell. I was sort-of asked to go as entertainment, and by that I mean that Chris was bringing his girl, and that I was there to keep her from getting bored. I was actually not supposed to keep her from getting bored at the party, but at the Shadowrun game we attended beforehand. The game wasn’t that exciting, so I’ll skip over it here. The party however, was vastly amusing. So, a play-by-play is in order, I think. 🙂
So, we park next to the house, and walk in. The first thing that happens in that John and Chris get tackled by Nic (Nicotine) and Ross. I step back out of the way, not really wanting to take another quick trip down the stairs. Nic says hi and says “Hey, I know you only drink tasty booze, so you should come do shots with me!” I’m like “Uhh… I don’t know…. You’re already drunk, so you don’t know what tastes good anymore.” He denies this, and somehow I end up in the bar room with a shot of Bad Apfel in my hand. Atari does a toast to something that I can’t remember anymore, and I down it in one quick gulp.
Now, dear readers, you must remember that this is the first shot I’ve ever done in my life. I have an overactive gag reflex, and I tend to not be able to swallow something that tastes bad. Even if I want to (like Nyquil) I can’t do it. So here I am with an empty cup in my hand and a lot of booze in my mouth. First thing: Swallow. Yeah. Second thing: Breathe. Whoa, bad idea. As I take my breath of air just following the shot, it feels like all of my windpipe has just been scoured with lava, and I’m standing in 30 below weather. It was unbelievably cold, and it started me coughing a bit, which was also bad. Then my eyes started to water. Wow. So, blinking back tears at the corners of my eyes, I went to go find John. I found him and said “I just took the first shot of my life.” He says “Yeah, you’re all flushed and red.” Then he starts giggling at me. I’m like “What?” He says “Nothing.” I say “Well, fine. You can stay here and giggle at nothing, and I’ll go get some more.” So, I go find Nic again, and this time he gives me some blackberry stuff. I forget what it’s called, but it wasn’t as tasty as the apple stuff. It burned like hell going down, and I made the same mistake of breathing directly after it. After another shot of the Bad Apfel and a sip of some very nice Strawberry Daquiri that Brain handed me, I was heading out the door when all of the booze hit me at once.
Now, dear readers, the timeline for the three shots mentioned above was only 10 minutes. I walked in the door, had three shots (on a very empty tummy, I might add) and was headed back out the door, all within 10 minutes. So, the booze whammies me all at once, and suddenly I’m very drunk and having severe balance problems.
This is where things get really interesting. My balance is shitty already. Add booze to that, and I can barely stand up. I have to sit down, but at the same time, i wanted to be up, so I sat down, but my feet wouldn’t stay still. I kept bouncing them, and I was still bouncing my feet when John found me on the couch about 10 minutes later. He takes on look at me, and he says “The booze slapped you, didn’t it?” To which I reply “Of course not.” I tried to sit up straight and act not-drunk, but everything was too funny, and I couldn’t do it. My eyes were too wide, and I just couldn’t sit still at all.
Well, to make a long night short, I got up and wandered around more and had a good time. I asked a few people to model for me before we left. On the car ride back up I couldn’t stop talking. I was just yammering for about 60 minutes or so. I’m sure that it was annoying to the other passengers, but I couldn’t stop. I crashed when we got home, and I woke up with a headache that lasted all day. But it was so worth it.