WARNING: The post that follows will be very girly!

9216Well, first off, I have new kitten photos! They’re all in the Kitten Gallery, and boy are they cute! I am so falling in love with the little calico girl and the orange tabby boy. The girl because she’s very very sweet, and the boy because he’s so wild. ::sigh:: I just love kitties, no matter what. I am going to have suck a hard time NOT taking one when they’re ready to go. Well, the $800 Power Properties would charge me if they found another animal in here sure is a good incentive not to. But I want one! They’re so sweet and snuggly and cuddly and soft and.. and.. yeah. 🙂 Meggie says they have their eyes open already, since these photos were taken, but she has yet to add any pictures of her own. Grr to her! Grrr!

As far as owies, I’m pretty damn sure that this past 10 days has been the most painful (and cost me the most money in painkillers) than any combined all year. As I wrote previously, I fell down the stairs and bruised my ass, which really hurt. I tell you, it’s sure not something I’d want to do again. Well, five days ago, I snipped the tip (maybe a millimeter of skin, but it hurt like HELL) off of the top of my left index finger while cutting fresh grass for Quigley. The day after that, I fell down the damn stairs AGAIN! Yes, I promise, I’m not that stupid. It’s the slippery shoes I was wearing. Two bruises on my ass now. I was all sore the next day. The next day after being all sore, I started my period! So, we have:

1. Fall down the stairs.
2. Cut the top off of finger.
3. Fall down stairs again.
4. Cramps!

To add to that, I was PMSing like hell for two days, and had a really shitty day at work. Now, add all of that to the normal pain that happens to me everyday (things like paper cuts, banged knees, bunny scratches, headaches, bite my tongue, etc..) and I’ve taken more Aleve this month than all of last year! Before you ask, NO, i did not take photos of my ass.

This also begins the 5 months that I live in fear when I go outside. Why? Bugs that buzz. My patented ‘Flying stingy things’. Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets.. etc. Flies scare the crap out of me, because the buzz too, and even the random butterfly shadow that passes over me before I know what it is will make me flinch and run. It’s totally pathetic. I walk out of the door and scan the ground to pick out my route. I have to plan my route. Otherwise, I might run right into something that flies and has a thorn in it’s ass. I have been stung far too many times to take this lightly. It HURTS! If the unthinkable happens and one of these vile insects gets into my house, I’m reduced to a blathering puddle of girly goo and tears until someone comes and kills it for me. I cannot kill it myself, because I can’t get that close to them without pissing my pants. So I call someone, practically in tears, and plead with them to come over and save me. Until they get here, I crawl around on the floor and watch the thing like an old woman watching a mouse. It’s really sad, and it makes me feel like a total idiot. I hate bugs.

5025On to better subjects: Owls! John and I went to Memorial Park a while ago, and I got to touch a Screech Owl!! Now, for those of you that know me, you know that I go gaa-gaa over birds of prey. I can sit for hours in front of a show on The Discovery Channel if it’s on eagles, and I can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about birds that eat meat. I love the way they look, I love how wild they are, and it’s been a lifelong dream to work with them. I wanted to become a falconer, but that involves trapping your own birds. The thought of catching such a majestic creature and penning it just kills me. It breaks my heart to think of such a beauty caught and caged, kept from it’s home and kept from the air. It brings me to tears to think of doing that to something that wonderful. It’s a lot like how I feel about myself. I wake at night from a dream where I’ve been flying, and I just cry, because I can’t really do it, and it’s so close.. It’s almost an injustice. I should have had wings.. ::sigh:: Getting off track here. So, yeah. doing that to something else would kill me. But, I got to touch that screech owl! I was beside myself. I could only babble at the woman holding it that I didn’t care about being bitten. It’s not often that one of your life’s dreams comes true. I almost burst into tears in front of her. I seriously have to get myself together and go back to accost her for a job. Even something that doesn’t pay. Even if I clean the shit out of the cages, I don’t care.. I have to be close to them again.