9206Well, first and foremost, Mommy Kitty over at Megan’s had her kittens two nights ago. There are three, and I only got to see the last one being born. Meggie called me up at 6:15pm at work and said “Hey! We’re in labor over here! I expect a kitten within the hour!” So I hurry and close up shop, but I need Diet Coke (and so will Megan), so I stop off at Kroger on the way there. She calls me again, at 6:30 and says “You missed the first one! Hurry up!”. I hop in the car drive over. Arrive at 6:40, and she leans out the window and says “You just missed the second one. Get up here!” ::sigh:: Damn damn damn. I wanted to be there for all of them. As is, I got to see the last one being born. It’s awesome. I watch Emergency Vets every damn night, but it still never ceases to be a wonder. It also never ceases to be gross, with all of the placenta eating going on. Ick. The first kitten is a little girl, a calico. The seconds is a boy, black with a white chest. The third (I saw being born) is a little boy, orange marmalade tabby. The orange baby is a fighter. He’s the most active of the three so far. Many more photos sure to come soon, but most of the ones I took were too dark to tell what’s in them.

Secondly, I would have posted all of this earlier, but I’ve been in too much pain. The night they were born, I was too tired to post right away. Yesterday, a friend of mine came up to visit me and Quigley (she loves bunnies). As she was leaving, I was helping her carry a few things out to her car. I was coming back in and I dropped a hair tie on the stairs. As I turned around, my foot slipped and I fell. I slammed down right on my ass, and then slammed down a few more steps before I could grab anything to stop myself. It hurt so badly. I just sat there, tears running down my face. I haven’t had a fall that bad in some years. I jarred myself pretty badly, but nothing is hurt but my butt and my pride a bit. I collected my shoes (they’d flown off of my feet and down the rest of the stairs) and my damn hair tie, and limped back up to my apartment. The very first thing I did was take some damn painkiller. The second was to take down my pants and look at my ass in the mirror. Sure enough, there was a nice purple bruise already forming. I slept on my tummy last night, and my right ass cheek is still quite purple and green this morning. Ow.