So, tonight is the last night with my bunnies. Tomorrow afternoon, the cage gets loaded into the back of John’s pickup and driven over to Josh’s place. His mother wanted bunnies, so she gets da bunnies. They have an atrium that Quigley and Maisie will get to go out in. I think they’ll be happy, but I will miss them a lot. I won’t miss the poo on the floor, the chewed corners of my homework, the bite marks in my sweaters, or the digging/claw marks on my doors though. I’ll miss the furry bunny-piles in the middle of the floor. I’ll miss the feel of the soft fur on Quigley’s nose, and the little black heart patch on Maisie. I’ll miss having fur balls to come home to, to say goodnight to, and to feel tortilla chips to in the morning. I’ll miss the pair of them running circles around my feet, or running the ‘Bunny 500’ at top speed behind my couch. I’ll miss silly bunny flips in the air for no reason. I’ll miss my bunnies.