Well, nothing is really going on in my life right now, but I knew that if I missed an update today I’d be pissed at myself, so you all get a cursory rundown of things as they stand because there’s nothing else to talk about.
I’m in a new game (by game I mean 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons) that Chris Tang is running. We had our first session last evening, and they’ll be every two weeks. I’m doing a site for it too, with quotes like the last one, if any of you remember (or care). I’m really excited about it. I’m playing an Aasimar Druid, going for ‘Bird Master’. I’ll be able to shift into any bird I please and communicate with them too. 🙂 Much good there.
My computer still works. Amazing as shit, but it lives. No major problems yet, but my scanner still no workie. I’m working on Midnight Confessions (still, I promise!), the old Night Below game page and the new A Distant Glimmer game page. All of which need to have been done yesterday. ::sigh:: I forgot how picky I am when it comes to a page design. Everything has to be just perfect. Grrr.
In other news, my money situation blows. I’m short again this month, and I may have to borrow again before I can pay back. It’s really annoying, because self supporting is one of the things I pride myself the most on. Having to ask for help on it really kills my self-esteem. I feel like a total failure, because I can’t even manage to pay my damn bills.
My Pixietails collection is up to a grand total of 137, all of which are currently hanging on my walls, because I’m a goob. 🙂 I want more, but that’s because I obsess easily. I can’t afford it now though, because of the above shit for money. I hope to be able to add to my collection, but that will have to be later.
I’m currently obsessed with the manga title ‘Chobits’ from TokyoPop. I’m loving the art in these books, and I broke down and pre-bought the English DVD’s (back when I had money). It’s a great little series about a girl that’s a robot, but who doesn’t know her past, and is beginning to fall in love. It’s really drawn very well, and I’m even considering a Chi (main robot girl) costume for Halloween this year. It only comes out every two months though. 🙁 It’s on issue 4 right now, and I own 1-3. At $9.99 each, they get a bit pricey! I won the three I have on Ebay for $16. Much better, Ebay is my friend.
Well, that’s my life, and there’s nothing to it, as you see. No wonder I haven’t been updating. Sorry to everyone that read that shitty update!