So, is officially back up. It’s far from being done, but it’s working mostly now. I have to add in each of my previous 354 posts by hand (cut and paste helps a bit, but.. meh) to get the archives working, but much of the hard stuff has already ben taken care of. The photo gallery is back up and linked properly over on the right. The ** means that particular album is new or has been recently updated. The ‘I read’ section is back, and autolinks are also working. I’m working on getting a FAQ up, getting an ‘about me’ page up, getting all of my OpenCanvas movies up, and getting a CafePress section back up. I have trouble remembering what was on the page without actually looking at it, so if you remember a particular section of bit I’ve not gotten, let me know. I have to talk to Blixem about getting the LJ feed running again.