Over the past three days, our studio has been running a food drive for the Northeast Georgia Food Bank. The deal was that parents could bring in their kids in their Halloween costumes and we’d shoot them. They would get a 4×6 and a 5×7 of one pose for any size donation (food or money) and they could order extra poses for $5 each. We basically shut down for three days to run this, and it was hard hard work. We had a total of about 80+ kids in over the course of the three days. Frankie shot the first two days, I shot today.

It was really really tough. I am always reminded how rough it is being ‘on’ non-stop  for that long, and how much it takes out of me. I rarely have sad, screaming kids, but I had three today. It’s almost a personal affront. I really really take it hard when kids don’t love me. Combined with the stress of the camera repair going on (Canon sent it back and it may still have the same issues.. still.) and I’m so done with this week. I’m going to sleep in all day tomorrow.

The costumes were SO way cute though. We had several elephants, many cowboys, a few superheroes, three sock monkeys.. etc. I think my favorite ones were a pair of sisters that were Thing One and Thing Two. Mommy dressed them in skirts with colored tulle sticking out of the bottom and then she sprayed their hair blue!

In a positive note, we raised $1502 PLUS the food, which I think Is around 400 cans. EVERYONE thanked us, and everyone loved us, even when they had a 20 minute wait. I really love what we did this week. If you want to see them, check out the facebook album!