I was telling my photog friend Robyn about this today and figured I’d share here too so everyone could have a giggle.

I was shooting a wedding the other day and a guest was walking around with a 5DII ($2600) and a 50mm1.4 ($400). I wandered in with my crap sigma macro ($250) because I was shooting details and needed to get close. He checked out IN THIS ORDER; my height, my ass and then my gear. A smug smile spread across his face as he realized that I was just some two-bit hack with shitty gear who thought I could make it in a man’s world and he knew right then that the bride and groom should have paid HIM to shot that wedding instead.
So after I was done I went out to the car and put on my 85mm 1.2 ($1900). 🙂 His face was priceless.