Well, Steve’s step-mother passed away late Wednesday night, so he had to make an emergency trip to Florida. This may mean nothing to you guys, but to me it means long days at work alone. Not only am I bored here with no one to talk to when it’s slow, but there’s no one to help when it gets busy. It sucks a lot, but I’m raking in the overtime, especially since I’m working on Saturday. I’m tired, but it’s okay. I got a raise, and my bills are getting paid. I can’t really complain that much.
As per the suggestion of Larry, I took a nice relaxing bubble bath night before last. Boy, it was great. I had 4 books, 2 types of chocolate, a glass of ice water and 2 scented candles. Add in a very hot bubble bath with scented salts, and I was in heaven. I was so relaxed by the time the water got cold that I accidentally dropped the book in the water. Luckily, it was salvageable. It took a bit of working on though, because my fingers were all wrinkled and fat. 🙂 I put on a light shirt and went straight to bed at 10:30pm (my usual bedtime is at about 1:00am) and slept until 8am. It was so nice. The only way that bath could have been any nicer is if the ice water had been diet coke, and the bathwater had stayed hot all the time.
I’m still working really hard on the new art site. I’m so unbelievably excited that I’m having to seriously keep myself from goobing about it all the damn time to random people that I see. I just can’t wait until it’s done and up! Autumn is still giving me trouble, and Summer isn’t colored yet, but all considered, I’m a bit ahead of schedule. I still have massive amounts of content and graphics to do, but that’ll be cut down significantly if Larry gets the shit that’s on my drive back to me soon. A lot of the things I need are on that drive, and if I don’t have to re-do them, it’ll save me a lot of time. I can’t go into it more, or I’ll have to kill you. 🙂
I went to see my mom in PTC last night, with Megan and John. She seemed happy. John dropped us off at Ruby Tuesday, then went to go see his mother. John came to get us at my Mom’s place and drove us back up. Poor Meggie fell asleep in the truck, and John was so tired when we got back that he had to stay with me. It’s always nice waking up with someone, even when you have to get up and go to work instead of cuddle with them the way you want to.