Today started out blah and just went downhill from there. Had lovely dreams this morning, only to be woken by the alarm. John made sure it was diet-coke-in-bed-day but I had to rush out the door for a newborn session. Normally, I’d be excited about a newborn session, except that this guy is nearly 3 weeks old, past the newborn sleepy stage. So instead of a nicely sleepy and curly newborn, I got two 20 minute sections of a sleeping baby and 3 hours of a screaming one. It’s not the screaming that bothers me, either. It’s not being able to give the parents of said baby what I could have given them if they’d called two weeks ago instead. I want to make pretty, not screaming baby.

While I was shooting that session, I managed to chow down on A (just one) cold pop tart and half of a sprite, ick. From 9am to 2pm, that was it. In the middle of the session of screaming baby and no food for me, the couple asked about the sizes of canvas wraps we offer, so I pulled all of them but our smallest, which I couldn’t find. I went looking for it a little later and still didn’t find it, so I called Frankie to see if she put it anywhere, but she hadn’t. She further said that she had shown it to some clients Friday afternoon, so it had to have been moved between Friday night and Sunday morning. A call to our intern confirmed that no one in our studio had moved it. Furthermore, Frankie knows that a “competing” fauxtographer was snooping in our studio (was snidely asking about our rent and room, etc) earlier this week and was seen again that night. We think she decided that she needed a sample canvas to show clients and didn’t want to pay for one, so she opted to take ours instead.

What I’m most pissed off about is that the canvas in question is the very first canvas I ever bought, back when I was just starting out three plus years ago. The girl in it is the very special little girl of a close friend I’ve known since high school, and I know for a fact that they don’t let anyone else in town photograph her. She loves me and i love her to bits. The thought of some theiving cow using MY art and MY special girl to sell their work is what makes me so mad/sad. I swear, if we ever find out who took her, I’m going to seriously trash them.

So, I get done shooting the crying baby and looking for a stolen picture and rush home at top speed to pull the photos off the memory card, throw some dresses in the car and scarf down a swallow of diet coke and two fun-size twix bars. Yeah, what a great lunch. Then I haul ass down to the local gardens for a princess session.

The session goes great, high point of my day. Great kids, awesome family. I’m feeling better… Until I get home and pull the images off the card. The camera us STILL wrong. I swear, I had the damn thing fixed for two sessions, and now it’s out of focus again. It really can’t be that hard! But no, I have to chuck some really cute shots because the stupid thing decided it wanted to see the kids’ shoes instead of their faces.

::sigh:: Todayvis one of the days I feel like I should have just stayed in bed.