Pay no attention to this disheartening post. This is just me rambling and bitching about my life for now: I’m tired. I’m tired of working 8+ hours a day for $8 an hour. I don’t get benefits, I don’t get thanked, and I don’t get promoted. I live paycheck to paycheck. I pay my bills and eat my food.. but that’s it. I’m not in school. I can’t afford it. I don’t have loans, I can’t get scholarships.. nothing. Even if i could get loans, I can’t take classes because I’d miss some of work. It’s hard enough on my financially without cutting my hours. I couldn’t afford to live if I didn’t have all day at work. This of course, means that for now, I’m stuck in my $8/hour dead-end job going nowhere and doing nothing productive with myself. This makes me fidgety and unhappy with things. I’m more irritable with everyone.. I just feel like I’m stuck. I HATE more than anything feeling like I’m stagnating and going nowhere. I live on change and experience. I need to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, instead of just mailing your mother’s china, sir. I want to be somebody. Hell, even if I could draw without worrying about money, it’d be nice. I can’t even do that anymore. I need a new motherboard, but I need food more. I need to get my teeth fixed, but that’s more than a month’s rent. I need new pants, but I bought shampoo and toilet paper instead. I’d love to be able to sit down and draw without wondering what I’ll get for dinner and if I can afford it. Heh. I think I may give in and put up a PayPal donations button on the new art site. Though, judging by the amount of people that actually comment on THIS page, I doubt I’ll get anything out of it. I’m a mediocre artist with a mediocre web page and a mediocre life with no money.