Well, since you’re reading this message, you’re hitting the new server! 🙂 Larry went ahead and bought it, and everybody’s all moved in. I also bought the domain name for the new site, so that’s also taken care of. Everything is still planned to go live on March 16th. Don’t know though. That’s only 5 days before the beginning of spring. I’m thinking I may want to go earlier. Heh. Guess it’ll all depend of what I have done and when. Right now, Winter is drawn, colored and her site is done, Spring is drawn, colored and her site is almost done, Autumn’s face has to be re-drawn, she’s colored, and her site is almost done, and Summer is drawn but not colored and her site is not even started. Then there’s all the content to do with all of the pictures and groups. Have to make each picture it’s own little popup page and description. I also may go back to using OpenCanvas if I can find a key code that works for it. It’s annoying not to being able to save your work. 🙂

As far as this page goes, it’s all Larry. 🙂 He fixed my gallery, all of Megan’s page, AND my random picture block yesterday! I get my random pic block back!!! I’m so happy! I love that rotating picture thing. It’s so cool. As soon as I can understand the damn new system, I’ll actually be able to change this page. 🙂 It won’t be fucking blue and orange anymore, and it’ll actually be more than just three columns of stuff. More pretty. 🙂