Well, I’ve been working pretty hard on my four seasons drawings and their corresponding sites, but I’ve recently run into a problem. I have no name for the site yet! I’ve got a domain (which I’m not passing out until it goes live in march), but no name. I need a name to go with the beautiful site, and I need your help! Example: my domain here is crickie.com, but the site name is ‘Incidents and Accidents’. Well, I have a domain, and a few ideas for site names, but I need more. Here’s what I have so far:

Midnight Confessions (or My Midnight Confession. Reason: I tend to pour out my heart, my love for beauty into my art, and I tend to do it all late at night.)
Wings of a Muse (or On the Wings of a Muse. Reason: I tend to draw mostly girls, and I tend toward girls with wings.)
Blue Angel (or My Blue Angel. Reason: Winged girls again, and I like blue.)
Velvet Underground (Sounds a bit pornish to me, but I still like the idea of underground and velvet. Very soft and supple.)
Color Me Blue (I like blue, and I color my world with art. Kinda eh..)

As you can see, the list gets worse as it nears the end. I’m really liking the top two so far, but I’d really love some more suggestions. So, PLEASE, leave a comment with some ideas you think would fit me. You all know I love girls and wings. 🙂