Back in 1993, Kemco resleased a game for the Super Nintindo called Top Gear 2. It was the second in the set of Top Gear games, and like all of them, was a driving game. Now, you wouldn’t think that a girl would love a driving game, but this quickly because and remains one of my very favorite SNES games ever. I broke it out last night. As you can see from the screenshot, the graphics aren’t much for today, but they were awesome back then. Jared and I played this game together for hours. I’m not very good at video games, and this was the only game that I would kick the pants off of him with. It has a 2 player setting that splits the screen and lets you race against whoever’s got the other controller. I usually came in first and Jared 5th or 6th when we played liked this. I think the best thing about this game is that you can customize the car you drive… Put a better engine in it, put a better gearbox in it.. etc. All of this comes from making money during the races. 1st place gets $10000, 2nd gives $6000 and so on.. This game was one of the few things that Jared and I could do together without killing each other. Every game I won just made him want to play more so he could try to beat me. Eventually, he got good enough to beat me every other game or so, but that was probably a year of practice. Anyway, if anyone does ROMS of SNES games for the PC, go find this one. I think it’d be pretty hard to play without a controller, but it’s worth a shot anyway.