Well, Meggie and I are cool now. We still disagree, but at least we can still be sisters. I picked up some cupcake mix from Kroger’s today, so I went over to her house to make it today. We ended up with some very colorful cupcakes. We went to the video store and rented some funny movies and basically had a good time. I don’t hang out with her enough. Tomorrow is me cleaning all day long because my place looks like real hell. The chair and the TV stand are both put together, so there’s suddenly a LOT of trash in my apartment. So, tomorrow, I’m going to wake up, light some nice smelling candles I got from John’s aunt for Christmas, and clean like hell until it looks great. I want to get all my clean clothes hung up, run the vacuum and the dishwasher, take out my trash, hang a shelf and maybe some posters. I also need to call the lady I’m going to tutor for computer stuff if I have time and go over there for an hour or so. Looking forward to that. 🙂 As far as extra stuff, Kingdom Hearts is gorgeous, and I can’t get it’s theme song out of my head. I downloaded it and I’ve been listening to it (as per my normal) on repeat for the past day or so.