I freaking couldn’t sleep with all this running through my head, so I had to type it up.

Okay, Here’s what I want to do. I want to create an annual princess/fairytale giveaway for a photo session and print product in two of my (now passed away) client’s names for terminal or very ill children 12 or so and under (since there is no 16yo who’d want to do this). I want it to eventually be a huge Athens event, maybe bigger. I can see two ways to go about this:

1. Sponsored event
Have local and non-local businesses sponsor the event to cover costs for donating print products to the family and to cover our costs if needed as well as extra items for the family. Drawback to this is that everyone would know who we use as a lab and canvas company. Bonus would be local places are getting exposure too.
Sponsors could be:
Pixel2Canvas: Canvas donation
WHCC or H&H: print/book/cards donation
Athens regional or St Mary’s hospitals: publicity or money
Athens banner herald: news spots
Posh Props: dresses for older girls (7+)
Local restaurants: gift cards for family
Local print shop: flier printing
Local stores: toys and etc for family and girl
Local people and places we could use: Honey’s (hair for princess), Rebecca Farmer, ChickFilA (helped Sabina’s fund), Southern Belles and Beaus (non-princess dress for girl or tea-party), Jeweler in building (necklace for girl), longhorns (meal for family), Tiger Lily (pettiskirt for girl).. etc. Cinema, target cards, bookstores, pretty much anything.

2. Donation-based event
Raise money similar to boobie-thon, money raised goes to cover the costs of as many princess as we can fit. (Ex: if we decide each family should win $2k worth of print products, some goes to cover our costs, the rest goes to make a wish foundation or susan g komen. If we raised $6k, that would be three princesses to do). Drawbacks to this method are that people are less likely to donate money than items.

Ideally, I’d like it to be a combination of both. I’d like the get the local community involved, but I’d also like it to be bigger in the long run and use it to donate money to cancer research. I think not only would starting it out as both might be overwhelming to people trying to get involved, but I’m also not sure how to really do it right. I also worry that it’s limiting to only girls again, and sick boys deserve to have photos too. The main reason for the princess thing is to help girls feel pretty through it all, but I don’t want to limit it like that if it’s going to be as big as I want it to be. Maybe a normal photo session for boy nominees? Maybe have party city donate boys’ costumes? I don’t know.

The more I think about it, the more I lean to a sponsored event, but I’d also like to bring in donations from around the ‘net too, somehow.