Oh, last night’s dream was quite entertaining! Okay, first off, I have to explain that I dream in third person a lot. Most of my dreams about me feature me as if in some sort of movie. I can feel things in my hand and such, but the ‘camera view’ is behind me and up, a lot like a video game. So not only do I see what I am doing, but I see more than what my real self would see, if that makes sense.

So last night’s dream starts off and I’m in this old old old house. It’s huge, and I got the feeling that it was a castle at some point, but right now it’s a multi-tenant house, a bit like a frat house. There are lots of people living here, but each of them occupies a room. In the beginning of the dream, I am walking around this house, just being sort of sneaky and watching people. I have super powers (of course), but I can’t let any of them know that. I have to spend a lot of of time acting normal, so I spend a lot of time watching people.

Eventually throughout the dream of me doing superhuman things (jumping over trees, flying around, crushing old cars) and making sure no one’s watching, I gain confidence that people are just unobservant and that I don’t have to hide as much as I have been to remain unnoticed. I begin walking the hallways listening to people. At one point, I pass a room and I glance in. I see an old man on the bed and a dog curled up by his feet. The old man looks like he’s on death’s door, and the room is filled with his family. As I pass the doorway, I spot someone ahead of me, lurking in the shadows a little, as if they are watching me. Convinced of my own superiority, I keep walking. As I get past the door by about 15-20 feet, I hear someone inside cry “Oh! Oh Alexander! Oh no!” in a grief-stricken voice. Hearing that, I stop and look back as the rest of the room seems to erupt in muffled tears of sorrow. I can’t just leave the guy to die, but if I help, the shadowy person will see me.

Deciding my cover is blown anyway, I turn around and begin walking back to the room. Here’s where it turns into a movie, seriously. As I’m walking, I can hear in my head a really cool song beginning and time slows down a little. The ‘camera’ does shots of my boots (black, of course) in slo-mo walking down this hallway, then switches to show all of me, looking like the total badass I never am in real life. 😛 I sweep into the room and discover that the old man is fine, but that he’s weeping over the dog, who looks dead. This poor man can’t possibly live without his dog, so I step forward. The room’s occupants take a collective step back as if I am death herself, coming to get the dog or the old man or both. Knowing I cam heal with a touch (because this dream is all about how awesome I am), I step forward and place my hand on the dog, willing it back to life. The dog wakes, licks the old man’s face and he bursts into tears.

My job being done and my cover blown, I need to get out of there as fast as possible, so I head out the room and badass-walk to the stairs (I think I even gained a black trench coat in there somewhere), again noting the shadowy figure watching me. I don’t have time to confront him, but I know he’s watching, so I decide to show off a bit. The stairs are like hotel back stairs, all curved into a 15x15ft space, and they go all the way down, 7 floors. Knowing people are chasing me, I have to get gown them as quickly as I can, so I begin jumping several flights at once. I know the shadowy figure can see me, but I feel like being a little smug anyway because I am that awesome. I hear the door burst open at the top of the building when I’m on the third floor, so I jump the rest of the way because I know my body can take it. I crash to the bottom floor, landing painlessly on my feet but totally shattering the tiled floor under me (jeez, this really is a movie script) and run out the door, the trench coat flapping behind me like wings.

The dream shifts to the next morning (superheros have to sleep, you know) and I head out of my place to walk around town. I put on some new clothes and pin up my hair, but I don’t bother to do much else. I am walking around and I see this set of four teenagers (in my dream I am myself at age 25) watching me. Behind me, I hear one of them whisper “It’s her, I swear!” and another one reply “No, it couldn’t possibly be.”, but I keep walking as if I have heard nothing. Finally, they run up to me and shout “You’re the iPhone girl!” “Huh?” I reply cleverly. “You know, in the iPhone video.” they say. I know nothing of what they’re talking about, so I ask “What iPhone video?” It’s then explained to me that some video someone took with an iPhone is all over the news, being hailed as evidence of vampires and such because the red-haired person in the video is shown jumping down stairs and over trees and crushing cars.. etc. I then know they talking about me, but I can’t let on that I know or that it’s me, so I talk about how cool that must be and such.

I think I have them convinced, but when I make my departure, they follow me at a distance, thinking I don’t know they’re there. I go about my day, getting more and more odd looks from people, but no one else approaches me. I think I have to leave town, so I start walking up towards the mountains, but the teens follow. Finally, I turn around and ask them what the hell they need, and they reply they’re just waiting for me to do something cool. Non-plussed, I chat like a normal person about the trees.. etc. We walk and walk until we get to a cabin (only it’s a very very big cabin) in the woods. I figure I can ditch them and run faster than they can, but I need to get out of sight because I don’t need any more videos of me on the news.

We go in and find it’s a wedding, the bride is at the altar saying her vows. The only way I can escape them is the bathroom, which is covered in fallen bright yellow ginko leaves. I can hear them chatting about how likely it is that I’m that person in the video outside the door. I flush the toilet and turn on the sink, using the sound to cover the window opening so I can climb out of it. I drop to the ground and run run run into the trees, smirking to myself. I have to get somewhere that I can change my hair color though, because if I leave it red people will know it’s me. I wake up then, as I’m running through the woods deciding what color I need to make my hair and thinking about where I can hide out and start a new life.