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Soon to be a Nikon girl

December 18th, 2009

So, my 5DII came back from Canon’s repair center AGAIN on Tuesday. I took it out for a 45 minute stroll and took pictures of cats, leaves, berries, trees, the water.. etc. I used both the center focal point and the outer focal points. I spent the entire 45 minutes cursing after each shot as it became more and more apparent that it was just the same (if not worse) as it had been when I sent it in.

I’ve posted some example images below.


You can see that the 5D mark II image is just… squishy. I mean, it should look sharp. I should be able to see every single hair in that kid’s eyelashes. Instead, it’s just a wash of blah. The more I look at it, the more I feel like I feel like I have something in my contacts. I mean, it’s bad. On top of that, that’s when the camera actually HITS focus. The other 40% of the time, the damn thing just decides to focus on kids’ shoes, dresses, scarves, hats.. anything but their eyes.

Another one of my Stumpy kitty.


It’s as if the stupid thing just doesn’t know what to do with itself. It’s almost like the melting hay bales in this post.

So, I sniffled a little, I paced back and forth, I thought. Then I typed up all the Canon gear I own on a forum and titled it ‘For sale’. I sniffled some more and grit my teeth and clicked the ‘post’ button. There. I said it. It’s for sale. I’ve been a Canon girl for eight years. I busted my ass to buy that 5D, and I love it. If I could afford to keep it and the 50mm lens that’s been with me for four years, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I’m done. I’m switching to Nikon.

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  1. I’m being followed by Nikon USA « Fake Chuck Westfall Says:

    […] And this is not an isolated incident, trust me. The end result was predictable: Switched to Nikon. I’ve written a lot here in the past about what can only be referred to as the legendary AF system of our 5D Mark II, but here’s a nice story to freshen up your minds. This user hasn’t yet switched to Nikon apparently, but sure as hell was already considering it. (Update: We’ve lost her) […]

  2. Matthew Says:

    We could not be in more similar situations. I’ve been a Canon shooter for the better part of 20 years. It pains me to switch. And I like some things about them! They make nice glass. They fit my hands. 1.2.

    But if they can’t focus, they are useless.

    I’m going to be right behind you. Did you go D3 or D700?

  3. crickie Says:

    Matthew: I’ll be buying a d700. The d3 is just more than I need for what I do! I will miss my 1.2 glass for sure.

  4. Tony Dunn Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this. My 5D Mk II is sharp as a tack, and doesn’t seem to have any focus issues. But I just got a 7D yesterday, and it’s horribly soft, just like your 5D II. I’d hate to have to switch from Canon, but if they are going to have so many quality control issues, ultimately we’ll all be left with no choice.

  5. Mike Says:

    Hi there.

    Just followed the link on Fake Chuck’s blog to you.

    Almost to the day I switched from Canon to Nikon this time last year, having been a Canon user for 20 years – it was the 1D MKIII that did it for me.

    You’ll love the focus, and the confidence it gives you. I do miss my 50mm f1.2 but I do love the 85mm f1.4, the 50mm f1.4 isn’t a bad lens, and the zooms are to die for.

    Next year should see some updated primes that I suspect will, when bolted onto the D3s or D700 be exceptional.

    You won’t regret it.


  6. crickie Says:

    Thanks for your comment. It does make me feel so much better to hear about all of these people are coming to tell me that I won’t look back. I’m getting more and more excited about having a camera that works!

  7. Andrew Kreps Says:

    Can this problem be addressed by mucking with the in-camera lens-specific micro focus adjustments?

  8. Catalin Says:

    Hi there and welcome to the Nikon Family! 😀

    In addition to what the previous folks told you, after getting a Nikon camera (and blowing away those bad Canon habbits) you’ll begin to notice the great ergonomics it has: buttons are better placed, commands are more intuitive and quicker… it will be an extension of your body.


  9. crickie Says:

    Andrew: Sadly, it didn’t work well for me. The manual states “It’s best to make the adjustments at the actual place to be photographed.” As if I can just stop and make 20 minutes worth of chimping adjustments every time the kids run somewhere new. Not only that, but I can get it pretty accurate for the center focal point, but the outer ones are thrown all of of joint. I’d have to shoot at f5 or up, which sort-of defeats the purpose of having a 1.2 lens.

  10. MM Says:

    as someone who has used both canon and nikon extensively, I can tell you that nikon makes FAR better bodies when it comes to their full frame line up. You will wonder how you ever got by w/o them. I posted this on canon rumors comments for other people to see, i’ll paste the relevant parts here as well.

    “When will you people realize that Canon is the windows vista of the photography world in terms of their bodies, and Nikon is the mac. Have you tried using nikon’s FF cameras? I was a canon user for many years, and I owned the 5d mark ii and 1d mk iii. Canon just kept dissappointing, so I finally decided to switch over and it’s a huge difference now using Niknon’s full frame bodies. They are far better in every way, go out and try them and compare for yourself.

    I’ll list a few reasons why Nikon bodies are far better…i’m sure there are more, and these are not opinions, they are facts.

    1) High Iso performance: High iso performance is a lot better on the nikon’s, and the noise even when it does show up has a more grain like character whereas the canon’s Full frames have those ugly color patches. Now the 5d mk ii is a stellar performer at high isos, but nothing compared to the D3 or D700. And the new D3s is just in its own league. The 1d mk iv cannot compare, it’s a 1.3 x crop camera with even more MP…so D3s will clearly spank that camera in terms of high ISO performance. My evidence? look at the images posted thus far from the 1d mk iv, and there are many images from the D3S on the net already. You can find plenty of D3s images, i’ll give a link to some from 1d mk iv.

    2) Autofocus: need I say more? just try both and you’ll see what I mean, the nikon makes your life a lot easier. Focusing is far far more accurate in low light situations and I have used both 5d mk ii and nikon’s full frames under same situations side by side. But perhaps the new 1d mk iv will fix this issue… we shall see, this cannot make a claim on right now because the 1d mk iv is not out… HOWEVER, there is one person claiming to have issues with the AF of the 1d mk iv already. See below for test results.

    3) Crazy high MP on canons: Speaking from a wedding photographers perspective, Nikon’s 12 MP for weddings is a lot better than the crazy high MPs canon puts on their Full frames, the biggest prints imaginable for weddings can be done w/o any issues with 12.1 mp. Besides most wedding photogs I know who use the 5d mk ii use sRAW anyway. But even if you aren’t a wedding photographer you don’t need more than 12 mp for most things…

    4) Lenses: nikon’s Zooms are far more impressive than canon’s. Canon might have the advantage in primes, but I feel as a wedding photographer having a 24-70 2.8 and a 70-200 2.8 gives you more flexibility and less to carry…just two lenses. Canon’s 24-70 and 70-200 are far behind than nikon’s and that is my claim based on my own use with these lenses. I have found the nikon’s to be faster focusing and far sharper at f2.8. I will however agree that canon has the advantages with primes such as their excellent 85 1.2, 35 1.4 and 24 1.4. But again that’s irrelevant because I’d rather carry two lenses that cover all ranges and give the same quality as those primes. No one needs primes when zooms give the same quality, and the need for bigger apertures is eliminated given the ISO you can get useable images at with the nikons.

    5) Build Quality: This might be subjective…but most people agree nikon’s are built tougher. However i’m not making a definitive claim here.

    6) Auto ISO in M mode: I like being able to set the aperture and shutter I want and let the camera take care of the exposure with the ISO. And given nikon’s high ISO performance i never have to worry about what ISO it’s at. Also the implementation of auto ISO in nikon’s is far better, with you being able to adjust the max iso the camera will go to etc. I think they may have fixed this in the 1d mk iv though.

    7)Flash system: way better for off camera lighting, Nikon has the CLS.

    Now if you want me to list facts about why the 1d mk iv is no where near the D3s…

    1) battery life is 1/4th of the D3s

    2) high iso peformance…can’t compare at all to D3s

    3) D3S has 2 compact flash cards, which is what most professionals use…not SD cards

    4) this is a big one, D3s is FULL FRAME and gives you crop modes if you desire. the 1d mk iv is limited to 1.3X with a crammed 16 mp.

    5) Viewfinder in D3S is far better with LED lit grid lines so those focus points are not always there.

    6)Video: here I will agree the canon wins…but i’m speaking in terms of photographers not videographers, so don’t use that as a reason why the 1d mk iv is better cuz I never use video. Let’s do this comparison from a photographers perspective. And that 720p in D3s is more than ok for the casual clips.


    and this continues. Anyhow point is, you will LOVE your D700.

  11. Aljosa Videtic Says:

    Hi there,
    I am so happy that I find this forum.
    I am so f…. up to Canon 5d mk 2 that makes me crazy allreafy. As soon is possible I will change all my 1,2 and 1,4 and 17 ts lenses for the Nikon system. Why?
    Because Canon just not works, and thats f… true. I now a lot of proffesionall wedding photographer and they can all agree with me. Why to buy such a expensive lenses and body if they just not works.
    This week I will do some tests with Nikon D3S and D700.

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