Okay, this has been such a terrible morning that I just had to type it all up to share.

1. Buy camera online, opt for paypal checkout. Check out like normal.
2. Camera company emails back saying that the order’s on hold because they haven’t received the funds.
3. I call paypal, 20 minutes on hold and they tell me that the camera company declined payment.
4. I call camera company, who calls paypal bullshit.
5. Give camera company another, non-paypal card.
6. Card declined due to too low of a daily limit at bank.
7. Call bank, up daily limit to the same as camera amount.
8. Camera company says card still declined.
9. Call back bank, they claim all is fine.
10. Camera company says card still declined.
11. Frankie calls, says she has made a purchase.
12. Call bank to get limit upped again.
13. Camera company says card still declined.
14. Fraud company calls, says not only did they decline the card, but they still show old limit.
15. Call bank again, they missed a 2nd screen for upping limit.
16. Finally camera company gets it approved. WHEW!

Now I have to call paypal again and tell them to cancel the first one since I can’t do it online, of course.