Okay, so today’s my day for PMSing the ever-loving shit out of myself. The one day a month that I’m actually irritable. It also happens that today John doesn’t have his truck (which makes him much more irritable than usual), and today is Monday (which means more to do at work). So I had plenty of sparks for my fire of intolerance today. ::sigh:: My mood keeps going from great to ass and back to great again. Yesterday John and I went shopping at the mall, and I wanted to look at tops (everyone knows my weakness for cute shirts), but he was getting mad, so I got pissed off and depressed because I’d been all excited about going shopping with him before. Then I’m feeling lonely (hormones suck!), but I’m by myself for the night. Luckily, Larry called me and I was able to feel better last night. We had a nice chat about things. It was nice to just hear his voice.

So, today I got up and got ready for work, and went to pick up John at the car place. Work all day, then I have to take John to practice. On the way there, I bitched for 20 damn minutes about Steve and his inability to finish things. Like, he always starts things and then never does anything with them. Like, he was going to be a Mary Kay salesman, and he bought the $100 dollar bag of starter stuff, but he’s never touched since it arrived like.. 4 months ago. He brings in wire racks that Kroger throws out with the idea of using them to sell Mary Kay in the store. Again, nothing done with them. They’re taking up valuable space in our bathroom/storage room. I’m the one that faces the customers who are like “Hey, Steve said he’d do such and such for me, is it done?” This is the point that I go “Huh?” and look like a fool because he never told me a thing about it. Or he comes to me a day before the customer is supposed to be back before giving it to me to do, when he’s had it for the past two damn weeks. GRRRR! Can you hear my PMS? Goood.

So I bitch to John about this, then drop him off at practice and go back to work. Leave 1.5 hours later to go get John. He’s tired and stinky, and I run him back to his place to put his stuff in the wash and pick up a few things. Then I have to run him to Chris’s house for a game of something in celebration of Chris’s last final this year of law school, but I stay for 2 minutes because I also have Megan waiting on me at Kroger’s because I have to buy her groceries tonight. On the way to Chris’s house, John gets all sad about being old (he’s 24, for god’s sake, not old at all) and the holiday stuff depression, and I jump all over him. Every year at about this time, John gets all depressed because he hates the holidays (holidays are family times, and his isn’t together) and starts feeling old every birthday. This drives me NUTS! John is nowhere near old, and he gets all sad because he feels sometimes like he’s not doing enough with his life or something. It’s really silly to me, and I deal with two weeks of him feeling like ass every year, right at the time when I feel the best, and it brings me down and makes me mad. So I bitched at him for that the entire 20 minutes to Tang’s place. ::sigh:: And here I am bitching to all of you about it. Welcome to Heather’s PMS day.