8874Well, I’ve opted for Quigley since it was the second most voted for on the poll. I’m sorry everybody that voted for Cadbury, but I knew it’s be shortened to Caddie, and I refuse to call for him with “Caddie, caddie caddie..” around my apartment. So, he’s Quigley. He’s also happy. This morning it’s taken me half an hour to go through the photos and add them because he’s so darn cute it’s really distracting. I finally got his cage done on Sunday after I got back, and today I got a few more photos and created a Bunnies Photo Album in my gallery. You can see the cage and more of Quigley there.

I’ve discovered that he’s really FAST. Like, he gets in these happy moods where he’ll zip around my entire apartment, running under my bed and behind my couch. I have no idea how I’d have caught him if he didn’t just stroll on up to me that day. Yesterday was his first day alone, and he peed in his box just fine. I haven’t had a single accident with him yet, except for the one time he sprayed my wall, but that was Sunday. Marking the territory, I guess. Last night, he got mad at me, which was very amusing. This is my very first bunny, and I’d had him for all of a week now. I’ve had cats all my life, and I’m used to picking them up and holding them. Quigley kicks when I do this unless I support his feet too. I forgot last night and pickd him up to move him without holding his feet up too, and he kicked like crazy. Since he was 4 feet in the air at that point, I held him to me (owch!), then set him on the sofa, where he promptly attacked my telephone and threw it off the couch. I laughed my butt off as he got onto the floor to continue beating up on my phone.