Well, I’ll be gone for most of this weekend, so I want to wish everyone a nice holiday in case I can’t get to a computer. Mr. Bunny is done being ‘tootered’, and is resting up in the vet’s office for the weekend, because the cage I’m building isn’t done enough to bring him home yet. I’ll have tonight and Sunday to finish it, and I go get him at 8am Monday morning. So, I NEED A NAME! Or rather, I will by Monday. I leave work today at 4pm, so hopefully I can get most of the rabbit cage done by the time I leave tomorrow. I’ve been doing a bunch of rabbit research, and I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what to expect and do from The House Rabbit Society. I seriously still have to bunny proof my house, and I also need to find some fun cheap straw things like baskets and hats. Luckily, most bunny toys are incredibly cheap, like pinecones from outside. Five finger discount! Not that anyone would care if I took some pinecones.