Boy, I’m going to have to make a ‘bunnies’ topic section so I can quit being girly about this. Yesterday, after making 8 phone calls and visiting 5 stores, I got an appointment for the bunny to get ‘tootered’ (hehe), and a set of wire stacking cubes you put together yourself. I used the cubes to make a 2x3x3 foot cage for the bunny with shelves inside. I have to figure out how in the world to make a ramp for these things, and I also need to get a high corner litter box or two for the cage while he’s in it. Have to find some bunny toys too, because the internet says if rabbits aren’t kept from getting bored, they’ll eat you carpet or something else equally inappropriate.

I’ll tell you, He’s a hell of a lot funnier than a cat is. He runs little circles around my feet, and if I walk really slow, he’ll do figure 8’s inside my feet. Every once in a while, he’ll get this wild hair up his ass and jump about 3 feet in the air and do a flip or a twist or something funny as hell, then race off as fast as he can while I’m still laughing at him.