Well, today was my first day at Cornerstone Preschool. It’s a full-time job working in a two-year-old classroom. Beginning August first, the room will be mine to do with what I please. This pretty much kills any plans I might have had for taking off on my birthday. 🙂 The current teacher in that room is moving up to the four and five year-old room, and I’m taking her place. I’ll be my job to see that the kids get changed and taught the correct stuff during the day. I went in today from 7:45AM to 4:45PM, and now I have a monster migraine. The heat and too much information all at once is what got me. I have eleven children’s names to remember, a curriculum to plan for, a room to decorate, supplies to purchase and organize.. etc. All in two weeks!
I’ll be teaching the A Beka Curriculum, which is a religious teachings curriculum. In the actual schedule, I am required to teach Bible stories and songs.. etc. I don’t really have a problem with this, but it will be ALL new to me. I spent today’s nap time listening to Christian Public Radio (“Where was the Church when prayer was taken out of schools?” and “We now have a program for homosexuals who want to live a straight lifestyle.”). I think I’ll be tuning the radio to something less God when I’m lead in that room. It’s quite enough for me to teach something I’m not really a believer in. Anyway, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the religion in there, which is what I had worried about. I don’t shove my beliefs (or lack of) up people’s noses, and I expect that they don’t do it to me.
The people there are stunningly nice though. People took time out of their classes to come and introduce themselves, even that Pastor came in and shook my hand. He’s a very friendly man. He even looks like a pastor. Very very warm eyes. The school director is wonderful too. She answered all of my questions and took time out to makes sure that I knew what was going on at the school and how to do things that were outside of my room. I’m even allowed to bring food and drinks into the classroom, which is great for someone with too high of a metabolism like me.
Overall, I think I’ll be a bit overwhelmed for a while longer, but I’ll get the hang of it soon. I’m sure I’ll love it within a few days though.