Well, Morla is gone. No more kitty in my bed, no more purrs in my lap. Of course, there’s also no more howling in the bathroom, and no more pee on my floor. Last night was my first full night of sleep in about a week, which was nice. The lack of her really hits me hardest when I come home to nothing, and when I wake to nothing. The night I took her back, it was dark here, so I got lost.. twice, and almost ran over a barred owl. She pooped in her carrier, so I had to empty it out on the way there. Yes, somewhere in the parking lot of a small rent-a-center is a small pile of cat turds. I’m sure it’s not the first. She seemed intrigued when I took her back, and spent the time that I was there chasing around the other cats. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I’m still sad.

So, Larry came to visit yesterday. It was a really great day. We spent the day around Athens, talking about the graphic novel / online comic that we’re going to do together. He’s writing it, and I’m drawing, but we’re both working together on what we want, which is turning out to be really awesome. So far we’ve got the main backbone to the plot, and a few ideas for characters. It’s going to take a long time, and I don’t plan on giving away much right now. More will surface as we have more, but it’ll go slowly for now. It’ll be a long book though, because there’s a lot to tell. I’m quite excited. So, yeah, the day was great. It was a nice, comfortable day.

My forays into ebay selling have been so successful that I find myself looking around for more things I have that I can sell. I even want to go to garage sales and the local flea market to scout for sale items. Though I also want to scout for Pixietails too, which isn’t too bad. I also need a new motherboard, and I wanted to get some more art supplies, like some pastels and charcoal. I’m also working on the four seasons soon, after I re-do the mask woman’s web page. She wants it to look less fluffy and frilly, which I can understand. I think I’ll do midnight blues, purples and blacks with some star-like twinkles. There are also a few other site changes that i have to make before it goes live, but other than that it’s mostly graphic color changes, which is easy, but time consuming.