Last night, after many nights of Morla peeing on my clothes and howling in my bathroom, I made a really tough choice and called the people I got her from and asked if they could take her back. ::sigh:: I just can’t take the risk of having a seizure on the road and killing a family, all because my cat likes to jump in my tub and talk to herself (very very loudly, I might add). I cried most of last night, because I feel like I’m abandoning her, or my responsibility as a cat owner. I don’t feel like a good kitty mommy anymore. ::sniffle:: So, I’m taking her back tonight. I’ll come home alone, to an empty place. My baby girl will never come back to me, and I feel like a total ass for it. Larry’s coming to visit Saturday, and my dad maybe on Sunday.. but I know that on Monday, when I come home from work, and she’s not there, I’ll break down again. I just keep thinking about what life will be like without her. I know I’ll get another cat at some point. I’m even thinking of adopting the mother of Larry’s baby boy tabby, but I won’t do anything until after Thanksgiving… Which means I’ll be two weeks or more alone in my place. No kitty, no Morla. Anyone I get just won’t be her. She’s my Baby Girl, even though she’s nowhere near a baby. So, I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m sure many more depressive posts will follow shortly. I just feel like a total shit.