All of your wonderful comments made me blush like crazy. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because all of you don’t think I suck at writing. Thanks to everyone, really. I didn’t write that just to get a list of contradictions, and I didn’t want you all to tell me “No, you’re great!”. I wrote that because I was truly jealous and wanting to write something. I still do, really. I want to tell a story about people. I want to write something similar in depth and character to SIP (Strangers in Paradise). I want to tell a story, about real people. I want to include me, and Meggie, and Amanda, Larry, Justin.. everyone.. even my cat. I want people to know my friends..

I have just one thing to say to all of this election hooplah: This really blows. I seriously predict another recession, now that ton of conservative Republicans are in control. No offense, Dad, but “Dubya” Bush is the most incompetent and moronic president we’ve had in the past 10 years. I really have no idea why he even got elected.

You may notice the new block on the side there, left. I put that up because I notice that I have weekly loves or lusts or whatever. Some less than a week, some longer, but they do tend to get replaced often. So, the box will be a running count as to this week’s searches and music. Currently I’m loving Davinci’s Garlic rolls, looking for new Pixietails, wanting the SIP, grinning at Time Squad, reading Clan of the cats (I went through all 3 years of archives), listening to Eminem’s ‘Lose yourself’, and inspired by Alfonse Mucha.