Last night I had a whopper of a dream. I mean, wow.

I was with John in a house of fraternity brothers, but they were all werewolves. But not changing with the moons, the leader (whoever it was) cast a spell on all of them that made them change when they needed to. I was there at the leader’s request to scientifically measure each of them, which meant stripping each of them butt naked and running a lighted pen device over their whole bodies both before and after they changed.
I was measuring and waiting for the next set of naked men to stroll in, but first I had to set up a spy camera in one of the bedrooms to keep track of a little girl (not mine, but I was baby-sitting or something). She kept getting out of bed and I had to keep telling her that I knew she was out of bed.
While I was installing the camera, I heard something outside, so I went to investigate. I saw a cat laying in the road. It was a sleek, angular grey thing with a long tail and very golden eyes. Thinking it had been hit, I hurried over to see if I could help. The cat was fine however, and looked up and me and said (with a Jamaican accent) “Heeeey, mon. Mah name’s Luke.” I wasn’t shocked that he was talking, but I asked him why he was laying in the road. He said that he was lonely and he missed his owner, who was in his house. I was sure I could find said owner, so I scooped up the cat and trotted off to find him.
I walked a street over and heard Jamaican music coming from a car that was sitting in front of a house. Surely the Jamaican cat belonged to the guy playing Jamaican music, so I strolled up and rang the doorbell. Someone stepped up beside me and I looked over and said brightly “Oh, you’re looking for this guy too?” and he sneers “Yeah, bitch.” and then he pulls out a gun and shoots me! It wasn’t a normal gun though, it was more like a syringe made out of metal (complete with the hash-type grip that a tool would have) and he depressed the thumb plunger to shoot the bullets.
I was shot (holding the cat in one arm), but I grabbed the ‘gun’ and pointed it down towards to ground and held on. The man continued shooting, shooting the hell out of his own foot before he whipped a second gun out. I was still holding the cat in one arm, so I couldn’t grab the other gun.
I was shot several times and went down, but it didn’t hurt.. I was just thinking, “Oh, I’ve been shot, I should lie down and pass out now.” I was quite gratified to know that as I passed out, I’d still protected the cat. I woke up in the room that I set up the video spy camera in, John came rushing in as soon as I opened my eyes. I attempted to get up, but I was very tired. I asked him to bring my paperwork in so i could continue the medical research for the werewolves, but he said it’d been taken care of already.
I was confused and said “But I’ve only been gone a few minutes. I got shot down the road, but I’m fine now…” to which he informed me that I’d been in a come for ten days! I was LIVID about it because my New year’s resolution to do every single DITL was broken and my 365 was ruined as well.