9341 Well! The Kitty day went very well, despite a few mix-ups. Larry and Greg (Larry’s uber-cool housemate) arrived about 11:45am, and we went immediately to Petropolis to pick out kittens. We arrive into a sea of people and dogs. Apparently, it’s adoption day here. We wade to the door and say hi to Meggie, then go see the kittens. Greg promptly falls in love with one that’s already taken, the little peach boy. I ask Meggie, and she says there are 2 greys and a black unclaimed, as well as the two mommies. I inform him, and proceed to push the talkative calico mommy of Litter Two on him, because I love her to death. He’s as indecisive as I am. Right at about the point he’d decided that he wants mommy2, she bites the shit out of him, and he changes his mind. Then he decides he’ll wait on kittens, because the peach boy is taken. The I pick up the grey girl, and play with her, and he decides that’s the one he wants. ::grin:: Heh. We fill out paperwork, the head off to eat and shop.

We eat at China Star Buffet. I would have gone for DaVinci’s, of course, but for some reason, they were closed. Shop at Target for cheapo kitty toys and such, come back to my place to say hi to Morla and drop off my stuff I don’t need to go get the kitties. As we’re taking the new cat litter out of his trunk and putting a loaner bit of Feline Pine in his, Greg accidentally shuts the trunk. Larry’s keys are in the trunk. After trying coat hangers unsuccessfully and calling my brother, we 411 a 24 hour locksmith. While we’re waiting, I fill up the cat box with the much anticipated cat litter. Joy of joys, Taj uses it within two minutes, Morla following suit 10 minutes later. I praised the crap out of her, and thanked whatever God might exist. The locksmith shows up and jimmies the lock open in under 15 seconds, and we grab the keys from the trunk. Off we go for kitties! They looked happy to see us again, and certainly were vocal. Plopping them in the carrier, Larry took me home, and drove back to Atlanta. Larry ended up with the black boy with white feet and a tabby boy. Greg took home the little grey girl. I think he should name her Nermal.