Man oh man. I’m not used to being this busy. It’s been a regular madhouse around here. The cats are nervy with the boxes everywhere, and I’m constantly ramming my toes into things at night. ::sigh:: Ow. So, this is my upcoming week so far:

Fri. 25th: Jared’s birthday (I gave him $80 already), open store at 9am
Sat. 26th: Larry comes for kittens, we go shopping for kitty things
Sun. 27th: Drive 2 hours with Taj back to my mom’s house, drive 2 hours back to Athens
Mon. 28th: Work 12-6pm
Tue. 29th: Off work, start moving my shit over to the new place. Have to move Morla first, then sleep on floor rather than leave her there alone at night
Wed. 30th: Get mask, continue moving before work 12-6pm
Thu. 31st: Halloween downtown in my costume. 🙂
Fri. 1st: Atari’s Halloween party in Atlanta.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I have to finish packing AND finish my peacock costume. I’d work on it now, but I’m stuck until I get the petticoat I won off of Ebay. They girl said it was sent the 18th, and I still haven’t gotten it. I have to attach the under layer to the petticoat, because if I attach it to the thrifty store dress, it’ll break the straps on the dress, and it’ll fall down around my ankles. Yes, I know some people wouldn’t mind that, but I would. I get cold too easy.