So, everyone knows how Japan-crazy I am, yes? I know more about Maiko (apprentice Geiko) and Geiko (Kyoto geisha) than anyone else I personally know. I know most of the bits used to make the kimono and obi fit, as well as the different kinds of kimono and how to walk in one. I know the shows to wear, and what Kanzashi to wear in what month if you’re a Maiko. I want SO badly to go over to Japan one day, mostly to see a real Maiko or Geiko in Kyoto. In Septembers here, Stone Mountain has a somewhat lame attempt at Japanese culture with JapanFest. I go every year, but I say ‘somewhat lame’ because it could be SO much more. The only reason i really go back every year is to look for authentic Kanzashi and to get dressed up by the two old ladies take your picture in a kimono. The fist time I did this, I thought I was just going to crap myself with joy. It was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, my red hair and lack of white makeup made it look half-assed. I’ve known for a while about the ‘dressing’ places in Japan, where they dress you up and take your picture, then let you wander around for a while as a Geiko or maiko. One day, I’ll get to Yumekoubou in Kyoto, for a real Maiko makeover. They charge 13125 yen, which translates out to about 120 dollars. Totally worth it, should I ever get there. They even have mother-daughter specials, which is awesome because I get my love of Japan from my Mom. ::sigh::