On my way back home today from running errands, I heard the Nickleback song “Never Again”, which, if you haven’t ever heard it, is a song about abuse.

Just tell the nurse, you slipped and fell
It starts to sting as it starts to swell
She looks at you, she wants the truth
It’s right out there in the waiting room
With those hands
Lookin’ just as sweet as he can
Never Again

See, I wondered then, how could that guy not feel guilty? How in the world could he look at her cuts and not feel like an ass about it? People can explain away things like nothing else, but how can a real man justify that to himself? “I was drunk.” as if that takes all the responsibility off of him. As if, since he drank himself to the point of that kind of lack of control, it’s not his fault? People like that really make me so mad. How can he not feel like a total shit when he sees the bruises he’s caused? The mask of sweetness over that type of violence.. How could a woman allow that to happen to her? Why in the world would she put up with being hurt so much? ::sigh:: I don’t think I’m a stronger person than most, but I certainly as hell would never put up with that kind of thing. John’s a big guy, and I told him the day we started dating “If you ever hit me, for whatever reason, I’m gone. There’ll be no second chances, no excuses, nothing. You’ll never see me again.” I’m very saddened that this sort of thing could be allowed to happen, either by the ‘men’ themselves, or by the women they hurt. Those men aren’t men at all.