This whole week has been crappy, as you may have read in my last post, and I’ve been pretty down all week. I’ve also been uncharacteristically temperamental as well. This week, I think I’ve been mad more often than I have been the whole year, and I don’t know why. This whole week has been a series of things that piss me off.

Monday and Tuesday were full of anxiety for my kitties, because I had apartment inspections and I had to board them, or risk the wrath of my leasing people for not paying my pet deposit. I was so nervous, I spilled a glass of water all over my carpet, which apparently re-constitutes dried cat pee. I get home and my apartment smells like 20 cats came in and pissed all over my carpets. It was so gross, I turned right around and went to Kroger to get some carpet deodorizer. I got the Arm and Hammer foam stuff, and it worked miracles. Picked the cats up on Tuesday night, watched Buffy at my place, and went to bed.

Wednesday, I get to work to find out that Steve has forgotten about something (again) and I (again) have to take care of it with an uber-rush on it. While I’m hurriedly taking care of the thing he forgot, he keeps calling me over to where he is, asking me computer questions. Finally, I all but scream at him “Look, I’ll be glad to either help you, or do this thing you forgot, but if you want the thing you forgot done, you have to quit calling me away from it!” Then he gets all mad and starts naming off the mistakes I’ve made in the past two days while worrying about my cats. I typed in a few addresses wrong.. etc. So, I’m mad, he’s mad, and I still have to do the things he forgets to do.

Thursday, I come in to find out that while I was mad and down, I was also unintentionally rude to someone, and they complained to Steve about it. He jumps all over me for not being fake enough. At this point I just want to either cry or throttle him. Then he says “Oh, and are you done doing those royalty reports? I forgot I have to have them in by today.” The royalty reports are a bunch of numbers, and Steve HAS an accountant to do them, but he forgot to call her, of course. So he expects me to do it, even though I’m terrible with numbers. The only reason I was able to fix the other one is because I knew what was wrong with them before I started. Travis (another employee) kept fucking up our stamp count every time he closed (10 in august, 3 in September), so it’d throw off our sales for the day every time he’d do it. I had to fix his fuck-ups, and I’m not paid extra to do that shit. It’s hard! So this time he expects me to have it done in one afternoon. I told him flat out “Steve, you’ve got an accountant to do that, and even SHE requires more than ONE afternoon to do it in.” So right as I’m leaving, he tells me “You need to take this box over to such-and-such tomorrow. I was supposed to do it today, but I forgot to.” I almost choked him to death right there.

So this morning I had to get up at 8am, drive over to some place I’ve never been in an office park where ALL 30 buildings are identical, and get here by 9am to open the store early. ::sigh:: I’m still mad. It took me 20 minutes of driving around in the office park and 5 people I asked to get me to this place. I left there at 9am, Steve calls me on my cell phone to ask me where the hell I am. I tell him “I’m over here driving around in 30 identical office buildings looking for these people!” ::sigh:: Yeah, it’s been a real pisser of a week, but I still don’t know why I’m getting so angry over these things.