11292Yesterday while I was standing around outside, I noticed that there are piles of fallen leaves on each side of the parking lot now. It was so surprising. I guess it just didn’t strike me that it was so late in the season. Even though the hummingbirds are leaving, it’s still so warm that it just doesn’t feel like summer is ending at all. I’m sure that as it gets later in the season, the piles of leaves will get much bigger.
Stumpy and I took a walk today. She decided that she needed to hunt the birds though, so we came in rather quickly. Now she’s telling us rather loudly that she needs to go back outside, and make it snappy! I’d rather he be loud than eat the birds though. Especially my hummingbirds. While we were out, I got a few photos of her. They’re all on her page, with the Stumpy blogging captions. She had fun playing in the leaves and jumping up on John’s truck. I do love the photo of her standing around in the sunlight.