Well, Autumn is progressing rather slowly because I keep changing my mind. So far, I have four incarnations of Autumn, because I can’t settle on one pose I like the best. Each time I think I have the idea of what I want, I change my mind. First, I had her faced toward the right, looking left and upwards, hands in front, hair blowing in the wind. I decided I didn’t really like that pose, so I turned her to the left and put her hands across her middle, holding a towel in place. Then I decided that I didn’t want her half naked, so I turned her to the left and put her hands in her hair. Then I decided that on the web page I wanted her facing the text, so I flipped the image, but it looked funny. So then I drew another one facing the right this time, with her hands in her hair, but now I’m thinking that the first one with her hands in front of her was better than this one. ::sigh:: Oh, the fickle love that is art.

My camera is all filled up with photos and movies, so I have to put them up here. Movies will go in downloads, photos in the galleries they belong in. There’s some of the kittens, a few of me.. etc. I also have to seriously find out how to convert my opencanvas movies to movie movies anyone with QuickTime or media player can watch.

John and I went to Justin’s costume party last night, but it was almost uneventful. I got into my costume and went over. When asked where Justin was, we were told “He’s inside, with two girls.” I giggled a bit, but went on in anyway, only to find a puddle of almost naked (almost meaning ‘clothed but not for long) people in the floor, Justin being one of them. Totally embarrassed, Justin made a hasty exit to upstairs for some more private action, while John and I laughed our butts off the entire way home. I think we were at the party for less than 10 minutes.