When I was in college, I was rooming in the dorms with my other sister, TaryAnn (you’ll notice she has one entry right now. Most of her entries are friends-only. She’s adding more public ones.). We used to come up with the craziest stuff to do. We recorded ourselves talking into the computer microphone, then sped up the recordings so we sounded like chipmunks chattering at each other. We drank loads of Mountain Dew and Diet Coke. We used to ride office chairs up and down the hallway. She even once talked me into auditioning for a musical ( I’m sure I was the worst audition that night). I drew her crazy pictures and made her climb in the window at night. Of all the nutty stuff we did, the fart contests were the most memorable, I think. At night, we’d lie in bed talking and farting. You know how you can put your hands up to your face and blow through them to make a really loud nasty fart sound? That’s what we did. For hours. TaryAnn’s signature poot was the ‘Do you have a question?’ poot goes up at the end. Mine was the ‘Skid Marks’ poot, the one that sounds like you’re giving birth to a brown blimp. It was awful. I know for a fact that the girls across the hall from us could hear it, because one night I woke up and heard them doing it too! We started a farting fad, or something. Anyway, she just posted a link, just for me, in her LiveJournal. It was so perfect that I had to share it with everyone else. The Ultimate Fart Soundboard It’s great. I laughed myself silly. Try ‘Packing Tape’, ‘Alien Encounter’, ‘Shave and a haircut’, ‘Clucking Chicken’, ‘BMX-Lax’ and TA’s fave – ‘What are you saying?”. Hell, try them all, just don’t shit yourself.