Well, I bought a new case and changed it all out and such, got it running again, but it’s still being really fussy. New hard drive, new case and power supply.. motherboard problems.. again. I replaced the motherboard less than two years ago. It’s dying really really fast. At least this time when I replace it, I won’t have to buy a CPU.
Larry’s visit was great. He and I went to go check out kittens at Petropolis, then got food at Chili’s, then ice cream at Maggie Moo’s, then went to Petland to look at birds and fish. Came back here to futz with the drive, but nothing to be done with faulty hardware. All of my data is still safe and sound, but I won’t be drawing anytime soon because the hardware will eat it. Heh.. anyone have a spare P3 socket motherboard sitting around? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
I’m considering moving once my lease is up at the end of October. There’s been a shooting and a robbery at gunpoint here, and I don’t really feel all that safe anymore. There’s some really nice apartments down the road from me, for only a bit more than here. I just have to somehow come up with the security deposit, which will be crappy. The places are double the space of what I have here though. 🙂